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12th April 2016 No Comments

Property … The Way To Make Money?

Posted by Susan Edwards in General

I was networking this morning at North East Biz at The Riverside Lodge, Morpeth and met some fantastic and interesting people. What really hit me was how often I come across people who are also involved in the property industry whether it be directly or indirectly. Around the table there was a quantity surveyor, a building surveyor, a solicitor, an investor landlord and a couple of landlords with just one or two properties.

Ten years ago I would never have imagined that so much ‘money’ or business would be focussed towards property. Indeed, both myself, my sister and my brother are all involved in property. This wasn’t planned and it just happened, property is a growing business and evidently the place to be if you want to make money … which we all do at the end of the day.

After a quick look online and I’ve found there are 360,000 people employed in the property industry nationwide.  I think this figure to be fairly conservative and it won’t include landlords. When you look into the total number of landlords, it appears that one in five new homes are owned by buy-to-let landlords.  Now this figure is interesting to me. It’s little surprise the government is aiming to capitalise from these people when there are so many first time buyers scrambling to get onto the property ladder.

What a small amount of research today has shown me is that I’m in the right industry for growth. Many people have little or no pension pot (like me!) and are looking to property to secure their future.

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