About - Lets Manage North East

So, here are some answers to questions I’m often asked:

How on earth did I end up as a Letting Expert?  

Hard work with a sprinkle of good luck brought me to this point.  I’ve gained experience in various fields and this resulted me having the opportunity to start a letting agency in 2011.  Lets Manage has gone from strength to strength.

Why are you the lettings expert?

I have years of experience.  I’ve been there, seen it and bought the t-shirt. I know how to make a property work well for you. I’m good at matching the right tenants to the right properties.

What makes Lets Manage tick?

  • Trusted relations with landlords and tenants and working in partnership
  • Respect for all parties in the lettings management business including tenants, suppliers, landlords, local people and the community
  • Fairness to all and we do what is reasonably expected even when this requires us to put ourselves out
  • Quality and we have attention to detail and are committed to finding new ways of working to do things better

These values are embedded in the company ethos.  We all work together to ensure tenants have a peaceful and safe tenancy.

Why are you different to the other agents in Northumberland?

We care enormously about our tenants and stay in regular contact with them throughout the tenancy.  Check out our Facebook page for tenant reviews.  Happy tenants equate to happy landlords and vice-versa!

So, why should I choose you to manage my property?

We’re not the biggest agency but we are probably the best!  We go the extra mile to help landlords and tenants and strive to provide great customer service.

Susan Edwards

Letting expert,
Lets Manage North East